A Kosher Delicious Pesach With Tnuva’s Delectable Dairy

This year, the buzzword at Tnuva is shefa, abundance!

The huge selection of Tnuva’s delicious kosher l’Pesach dairy products is truly a feast for the eyes. Most importantly, they are under the strict supervision of the Badatz Vaadas Mehadrin, as well as NSK for cheese slices and Badatz Eidah Chareidis for Quark Creamy Soft Cheese.

Choose from an array of sliced cheeses, also in light versions; delicious cheese spreads, Mediterranean Labaneh and Feta, as well as puddings and YOLO milk desserts. 

Tnuva’s Quark Creamy Soft Cheese is perfect for a variety of uses that you never believed possible for Pesach: flourless cheesecake, vegetable dips, in casseroles, and more. And with the low-fat options, you can even reduce your calorie intake. Check out Tnuvausa.com for many new recipe ideas that will make this Pesach especially healthy and delicious.

Tnuva USA President and CEO Yoram Behiri is very proud of Tnuva’s Pesach product lineup. “This year, as the community at large looks forward to celebrating the Festival of our Freedom, we at Tnuva are delighted to add to the celebration with a variety of quality dairy offerings.”