Industrial & Food Service

Anvey Zion

Anvey Zion is Israel’s leading company which specializes in tailor made product development, primarily for the bakery and chocolate industries. The company serves pastry chefs, bakers, wholesalers, and more – both locally and globally. We successfully export our products to leading brands in the food industry across the globe.
Whether inventing a new product or putting a new twist on an existing one, we come up with a wide range of solutions to make the best use of the raw materials. Our wide range of products includes, but is not limited to, comfitures and jellies, glazes and cake frostings, creams, fruit for yoghurt and ice cream, renowned for top quality and flavor.
We are quality leaders using the latest technologies, quality assurance and inspection methods. The meticulous selection of raw material as well as the use of advanced technology guarantees uniformly high standards.


Hard Cheese

A wide selection of popular hard cheeses like Dutch style Edam, soft and pungent Muenster, traditional Mozzarella and Swiss cheeses, sold in different forms for your convenience: blocks of cheese, sliced, shredded and wedges. .



Clarified butter (or ghee) has a delicious sweet and nutty aroma. It’s perfect for traditional Indian dishes, but also for any type of sautéing and baking, as it has a higher smoke point than regular butter. Moreover, clarified butter has a much longer shelf life.


Feta Cheese

Traditional sheep’s milk feta and cow’s milk feta are creamy and mild, tangy and salty. Both types are very versatile and can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes like salads, pastries and pies.


Soft Cheese

Delicious, fresh and extremely versatile soft cheese with a creamy texture. This low-fat cheese can be used in many dishes, both sweet and savory; by itself, as a filling for pastries and as a spread.



Frozen Mediterranean-style savory puff pastry with potato or cheese filling. Flaky, appetizing, easy to store and prepare.



A selection of delicious frozen, homemade-style chicken fritters, breaded cutlets and breast strips. These popular chicken products are ideal for any type of catering and fit perfectly into kids’ menus.

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