Alternative Landing page

Tnuva USA is proud to present its new Alternative series of non-dairy drinks, desserts and hard cheeses.

Now you can enjoy a delicious, barista-style coffee, a creamy dessert, or a slice of pizza with cheesy deliciousness any time of day or night!

Tnuva Alternative Barista Almond Drink, Coconut Almond Drink and Oat Drink are delicious to drink as is or poured over cereal. What’s more, they froth beautifully for a perfect brew every time. They’re so easy to steam, work with all types of coffee and create that heavenly rich microfoam for your latte art creations. However you prefer your java – frothy or flat, piping hot or poured over ice, choose your favorite flavor for an awesome coffee-lovers’ experience.

Tnuva Alternative’s Plant Based Deli Slices, both Classic and Olive flavored, are delicious eaten as is or cooked in your favorite dish, wherever you would use hard cheese. They have a fabulous melt factor and they are free of lactose, gluten and cholesterol.

Tnuva Alternative’s Almond Desserts are creamy and rich, and come in two delectable flavors: dark chocolate and hazelnuts. Both are gluten free and contain no lactose, preservatives, trans fats or cholesterol.