Last Chance to Win Big With Tnuva’s Raffle Contest!

Everyone loves Tnuva’s delicious products, and Tnuva is showing that it loves you back with our exciting Raffle Contest. Enter today to win amazing prizes: hotel stays, subscriptions to popular magazines, dozens of gift baskets full of delicious Tnuva products, and the grand prize: a trip to Israel with El Al!

To start winning, all you have to do take an original photo of your favorite Tnuva USA products (at least one) and post it to Don’t have an Instagram account? No worries! Email your cool photo to It couldn’t be easier!

Yoram Behiri, president and CEO of Tnuva USA, has been following the creative posts with great interest. “You can see that Tnuva USA products have become staples in the mehadrin kosher market, and in our customers’ kitchens!” he said. 

Keep posting or emailing for more and more chances to win. Contest ends on January 31, 2020, so there’s still plenty of time to win big. The grand prize will be announced at the end of the Raffle Contest. For terms and conditions see Tnuvausa’s official website.