NEW! Tnuva Launches YOLO Milk Treat

Tnuva USA is proud to present YOLO, the richest creamiest, most chocolatey milk treat ever, and that has already taken Israel by storm. Made with 70% milk, 15% fine chocolate and under the strict supervision of the Badatz Vaadat Mehadrin, YOLO is the ultimate dairy delight.

YOLO comes in three mouthwatering flavors: white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. YOLO is in a class of its own; one taste and you’ll understand why YOLO enthusiasts declare, “Real chocolate or nothing!”

Who said you can’t buy happiness? Take some time out for yourself and indulge, or show someone special that you care. YOLO delivers happiness in every delectable spoonful.

“Great food is the basis of any gathering of family and friends,” says Tnuva USA President and CEO Yoram Behiri. “We at Tnuva USA are thrilled to contribute to the joyful atmosphere with all of our exceptional quality products, and now, YOLO!”

Enjoy YOLO as is, straight from the fridge, or use to prepare one of the show-stopping recipes on  and get ready for the compliments…