Dessert Crepes

Dessert Crepes

Yield: 12-14 crepes

Prep Time: 40 minutes

Level: Medium


6 eggs
½ cup milk
1 container Tnuva Quark Creamy Soft Cheese 5% or 9%
½ cup potato flour
2 tablespoons vanilla sugar
Dash salt
2 tablespoon butter or nonstick spay

5 ounces white chocolate
2/3 container heavy cream


1. In a mixer bowl, combine the eggs, milk, quark cheese, potato flour, vanilla sugar and salt.
2. Grease an 8” frying pan with a little butter or spray and heat on medium.
3. Pour a small amount of batter onto the hot frying pan and tilt so that the bottom of the pan is covered in a thin, even layer.
4. Fry for a minute or two until the bottom is lightly browned and the top is dry. Turn over and fry for another 30 seconds and turn out onto a plate.
5. For the filling, melt the chocolate and the cream in a small pot or in the mircrowave. Whisk until smooth.
6. Fill each crepe with the filling and fold twice, as shown.
7. Serve with the rest of the warm filling and whipped cream.