Lentil Salad

Lentil Salad

Prep time: 50 min

Serves: 8

1 cup of black lentils
2 large sweet potatoes, peeled
2 tbsp of olive oil
1/4 tsp of salt
1 cup of baby spinach or kale leaves
1/2 cup of candied cashews or pecans, halved
1 pack (7 oz) Tnuva Feta Sheep’s Milk Cheese or Feta Cow’s Milk Cheese*
*Leave a few crumbs for the dressing!

For the dressing:
2 tbsp of spicy chili sauce
2 tbsp maple syrup or silan (date syrup)*
*Try substituting it with maple syrup
2 tbsp of lemon juice
3 tbsp of olive oil
Salt, ground black pepper

1. Cook the lentils for 13-15 minutes in plenty of boiling water, until they are soft but
do not break apart. Drain.
2. In the meantime, cut the sweet potatoes into small cubes and fry in a pan with
olive oil, stirring from time to time, until they are golden and soft.
3. Mix all ingredients well and season with salt and pepper.
4. Place lentils, sweet potato cubes, spinach and cashews in a large bowl, add 3-4
tablespoons of the dressing and stir.
5. Before serving, sprinkle the salad with cheese crumbs and serve.
Try adding 1/2 cup of coriander