Say ‘Cheese Please!’ with Tnuva’s New Hickory Smoked Edam Slices

Tnuva is proud to present its new flavor of fine cheese slices, Hickory Smoked Edam, in addition to the existing, well-loved Edam and Muenster. And now, Tnuva’s cheese slices are under the strict supervision of NSK – New Square Kosher, in addition to the Badatz Vaadat Mehadrin.

Counting calories? Tnuva’s Edam and Muenster are both available in Light versions, so that you can enjoy the same great flavor with only a fraction of the fat.

Tnuva’s quality slices are the perfect way to satisfy your cheese cravings at any time of the day or night for a delicious, nutritious meal or snack. Delicious as part of an original sandwich creation, grilled cheese, or just straight out of the pack. Tnuva USA President and CEO Yoram Behiri is enthusiastic about making Tnuva’s quality products available to a wider audience and said, “In these challenging times, we’re dedicated to continuing broadening our customer base and providing them with quality products that serve to strengthen the bonds of family and friendship!”