YOLO Decadent Milk Treat – Now in COSTCO

There’s no need to introduce Tnuva USA’s YOLO – who isn’t familiar with the rich dairy desserts, made with 70% real milk, fine chocolate and no preservatives?! And who hasn’t tasted all three superb flavors: dark chocolate, made with 70% cocoa; white chocolate and milk chocolate!

Now, just in time for the new school year, YOLO will be available in COSTCO wholesale stores across the northeast, in a super convenient 8-pack.

The exclusive-to-COSTCO package contains 4 YOLO with dark chocolate and 4 YOLO with white chocolate for a total of 8 mini cups — the perfect size to stick in your bag, as a late afternoon pick-me-up, or to treat yourself at any time of day or night.

For 15 years, Tnuva USA has been supplying the American market with healthy, delicious products, earning a place of pride and distinction. Tnuva USA’s reputation for quality and taste has made it a favorite among consumers, opening doors to various commercial opportunities. “We at Tnuva USA are proud to cooperate with leading national stores in the northeast such as COSCTO,” said Tnuva USA President and CEO Yoram Behiri. “We anticipate great interest in our high-end YOLO milk desserts, now available at COSTCO in mini-cup size,” he said.

Adults and kids agree that YOLO is, hands down, the richest, creamiest, most chocolaty milk treat around. Enjoy as is or use it to prepare one of the show-stopping desserts on www.tnuvausa.com.