Zees – Spread the Word!

Tnuva USA is proud to announce the addition of a brand new product: Zees, a smooth, creamy spread that comes in four delectable flavors: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate with Hazelnuts. All are pareve under the strict supervision of the Badatz Eidah Chareidis.

With a silky texture and rich, chocolate flavor that pops in your mouth, Zees (Yiddish for “sweet”), was specially formulated to appeal to all ages. Enjoy it as a snack, spread on a bagel or a cracker, in your baking, or spooned straight out of the jar (we won’t tell…). Try each flavor – you won’t be disappointed.

“We at Tnuva USA are proud to look back on 15 years of loyal service to the kosher market in North America, and look forward to continue developing and evolving,” says CEO and President Yoram Behiri. “Our latest product, Zees, underscores our dedication to the North American Jewish family, as we further contribute to the mehadrin kosher market.”